Don't Walk Away

In this life, this spiritual battle, we mustn't and indeed cannot walk away. The Lord calls us to be holy servants to Him, to live a life fully devoted to Him. And if we are to do that, we can't walk away when the going gets tough. But, as I've found out, it's easy to walk away without even realizing it. In fact, 'walking away' can simply mean, not giving God all our focus - not all our time. I'll admit, I 'walked away' recently. Something or someone [ =)] was getting a lot of my time, focus, and thoughts. I fear that this something or someone was taking more importance in my life. I had to repent for it. I had to get down on my knees and ask for His forgiveness. Every time we fall, God is always right there to pick us up again. What a wonderful, and grace-filled God He is! Satan has really been pulling at me lately - as well as some close acquaintance. But God can pull even harder if we let Him. Don't walk away from Him, try with all your might to stay on track. Even when the evil one whispers many lovely-sounding things in your ear.
Pray for that holy armour of God. He will grant it to us, His children.

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Lissa said...

You make a great point! I too fought with some of the same things over the summer. Thankfully we have a patient and loving God that NEVER fails!!