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This month's question:
What book (besides the Bible) has been most helpful to you as a Christian and a daughter? You may leave a link to your blog in the comment if you would like! Please be sure to include your first name at the end of your answer entry!Thanks! This is open for any Christian female readers,so feel free to share!
here are the previous entries...
  1. A book that has been very helpful to me would be The Family Daughter by Sarah Bryant.To see a more detailed review...see the Recommended Reads page - Visit
  2. There are many, but "Streams in the Desert" by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman really challeged and helped me. It's a daily devotional, so there is one for each day. This book is sure to bless, encourage, inspire, and challenge you!! I highly recommend it for ALL ages and genders!!! - Visit
  3. "Preparing to Be a Help Meet" by Debi Pearl changed my life!!! It changed the way I look at marriage and romance. This book is perfect for all young ladies who desire to have a Godly marriage someday or dream of that day. I would say for ages 12+ (anyone who isn't married!). Debi covers all the subjects and answers the questions girls ask on a regular basis. It is available from or - Visit
  4. I've read quite a few books that have been helpful and encouraging. Sometimes it's not the whole book but just a sentence or paragraph that strikes me and helps me in my Christian walk. But if I have to choose one book that helps, challenges, encourages and comforts from cover to cover then it's a daily devotional "The Family Altar" by Tim Dodd. ~Jessica - Visit
I will not be using the linky,because it is no longer free(they've upgraded their site) so just leave your answer in a comment for future Q +A 's. I've included the answers that were in the Linky for you ^above^ !

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