Falling in Love {Part Two}

{Be sure to read Part One first.}

I believe that one of the biggest problems with the concept of purity is that it always goes hand-in-hand with waiting. So many times, when I am talking with friends on the subject, the term “I am waiting for my Prince…” is exchanged.
I too have used these words for a very long time, thinking it was a beautiful concept. But recently, the Lord has convicted me of what they really meant. What the word 'waiting' really meant. Here is one definition—

Do nothing expecting something to happen -- to stay in one place or do nothing for a period of time until something happens or in the expectation or hope that something will happen.

For so long, I was trapped in the mindset of thinking that waiting was the only road to purity. But in fact, waiting is the surest way to stumble on your journey of the heart. Each one of us is designed with feminine desires. Desires that must be filled. For so long, I thought that I could suppress these desires, assuming that I could wait. I kept on telling myself “I am going to wait for my Prince”. -- And each time I told myself that, I felt as if I was failing.

Failing because I still desired fulfillment, but I didn't know where to find it. All I had ever read on the subject of purity said that waiting was the only way.

One beautiful afternoon, a few weeks ago, I found that I had a few quiet moments to myself in our backyard. I was sitting on our swing, just swaying back and forth. And at that moment, I felt the need to open up in prayer – “Lord…. Why is this becoming so hard? All I have ever known is waiting. It seems that is what every Christian young woman {I know} is set on doing. Why am I finding it so hard to just wait?”

It was then, that I received the answer that I think so many young woman hunger for. It was at that very moment part one of ‘Falling in Love’ was inspired within my heart. It was at that very moment when I realized that the Lord didn't design us to wait. He didn't create us to “Do nothing, expecting something to happen.” He didn't design our hearts to be empty spaces. He designed us with the desire to be loved and cherished. And He designed us to fall in love.

Ladies, I believe that so many of us are so focused on waiting, that we are missing out on the bigger plans the Lord had for these single years. For so long, I thought waiting was what the Lord was calling all of His daughters to do. But, now I believe otherwise. I think it is so important to realize that He is not calling us the impossible task of waiting, rather, He is giving us the opportunity to experience the most fulfilling relationship, and the loveliest romance of all time – that of falling in love with Jesus Christ.

Dearest Sisters, He is asking each one of us for the first dance. He is pleading with you to know, love and trust in Him. He longs to love you, and to care for you. -- If you will only let Him. If you will only know Him as your heavenly Prince. Then, and only then, will your desires be truly filled too the utmost. 

.... As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
So shall your God rejoice over you.
Isaiah 62:5
Ladies, let us never again say we are just waiting. Let us never again fall into the mindset of thinking we are to wait. Instead, let us use these years as a time to build up our love for Jesus. These are some of the most valuable years of our lives, let us use them to strengthen our convictions and faith in the Lord.

Don't think of these years as an endless wait....
but rather an endless romance with your Heavenly Prince.
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Bekah said...

I REALLY enjoyed this! Thank you SO much for writing and expressing my exact sentiments! :)

Ladies of Virtue said...

Glad you liked it Bekah!! Tha't ok if you can't join the forum! I totally understand,you know!!:) *wink*

Raechel said...

This is really beautiful. It is so true. God wants us to focus on Him now. An dget to know Him better now. And by having Him as our first priority, we will have the most blessed marriage in the future that we could ever hope for!
Lovely post :)

Northern Bell said...

Hello Ladies!

I just found your blog the other day, what an encouragement this post was! I recently posted something similar on my blog, it was so exciting to find some other young women who are so like-minded!
Thank you!
You are welcome to check out my blog at thekingscountrygirl.blogspot.com
God Bless!