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Why Do Hard Things?

We’ve all heard people say that God wants us “on fire” for Him. Maybe your youth pastor has talked about being “sold out” for Jesus or a conference speaker has challenged you to serve God with “total abandon.”
We’re used to that kind of talk. It’s almost cliché.
But has anyone ever told you that God commands you to do hard things? For some reason that sounds more extreme. Being “on fire” or “sold out” for God sound like positive emotional states where nothing can really get to us. Even serving God with “total abandon” doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable as long as we leave it general and vague. But “do hard things” sounds so — well, hard.
We don’t like hard things in our society, especially as teens under the influence of the Myth of Adolescence. We avoid hard things as much as possible. Unfortunately (or should we say, fortunately), there’s no avoiding them in the Bible.
                               Hard Things in the Bible

All of God’s commands in Scripture are hard. Of course, our tendency is to just say that God’s commands aren’t “easy” or that it’s only by His grace that we can obey any of them — and both of those statements are 100 percent true — but why can’t we ever come out and say that God’s commands are hard? When Christ commands us to love our enemies, why can’t we just call it what it is?
Everything God commands is hard. Repenting is hard. Forgiving is hard. Turning the other cheek is hard. Overcoming sin in our lives is hard. Honoring our parents is hard. Sharing the gospel is hard. Reading our Bibles is hard. We could go on.
Part of our hesitation to call things hard can be that we’re afraid to come across as unspiritual. After all, if we’re truly “on fire” for Jesus, shouldn’t it be easy for us to read our Bibles every day, say no to sin, and share the gospel with others?
But when we think that way we’re missing something huge that God wants to teach us about personal growth — and that’s what we want to talk about in this post.... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE Enlist Today The Rebelution isn't ALL about doing big things,but,rather,HARD things
Just because you can't do something big like go to Africa on a missions trip or start a big fundraiser doesn't mean you aren't included! No,just the opposite. Doing things like keeping the house neat or your priotities straight are big things to God,because they are important things. In fact,if you can't keep after the little things,don't expect God to give you something even bigger to do! Go for it! Spend your life serving God,not yourself,and do whatever it takes to do it.
To see reviews of their two books,DO HARD THINGS and START HERE,visit the "Recommended Reads" page of this site.

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