Falling in Love {part one}

The music had begun. The Dance was starting. And I lacked a partner.
Everywhere I looked, I saw giggling girls being swept away in the arms of handsome young men. Each looked like they were having so much fun. They looked like they were enjoying themselves. I heaved a lonely sigh.
My thoughts turned to a conversation that had taken place yesterday, while walking in the garden with one of my dearest friends -- "I am SO excited for tomorrow night, the dance! *sigh* Who do you plan on dancing with.... anyone in mind?" Lillian smirked as she said those last words. I turned to her, and said softly "Lillian, I actually don't... I mean.... well, no, I don't have anyone in mind. You know I have been saving my heart for my Prince, I am trying hard not to dwell on thoughts of young men, as I  want to keep my heart pure." She looked at me, "So, you are just going to wait?" I nodded, "Yes, just wait."

The thoughts of yesterdays conversation were hard to think upon at the moment.... thus, I decided to turn my thoughts away from that scene, and resumed my survey of the ball room. As I looked around, I noticed a young man, also standing without a partner. As I looked into His face, I was startled, for I saw not only was He too, gazing upon me, but was at that moment, making His way through the crowd, towards me! I felt my heart start to race -- within seconds He was at my side. He reached out His hand, and asked in a kind whisper, "Would you accept Me for this dance?" I looked up, again, into His face, I placed my hand in His; gently, He took it, and led me to the dancing floor.
As we began to dance, once more, our eyes met, the music seemed to fade into the background -- along with everything, and everyone else. It was just me.... and Him. The One Who was now holding me, guiding me, looking down upon me. Every moment that passed, our gaze became more unbreakable. With every step we took together, I found that I was falling deeply  in love with Him. 
His eyes were so kind, so humble, so caring. He was so different from any of the other young man whom I had ever met. 
But, as we continued dancing together, I began to understand why. I began to realize Who this young man was -- whom I had fallen so deeply in love with.
It was my Redeemer. My heavenly Prince. My Savior -- Jesus.
Tears began streaming down my cheeks, as I realized just how much He loved me too..... He had taken my hand, and led the way -- when I didn't even know His name. He saw that I was lonely, and needed Him. But, as I put my hands into His, and let Him guide me, my loneliness was shattered, I had found what my feminine desires had been longing for -- True Love.
He lifted His hand to my cheek, and gently wiped away the tears, and whispered "May I claim first place in your heart?"
Without pausing, I said "Yes."
"Will you trust me with it, until I say it is time to give it away?"
"Yes." -- I had faith that He would someday let the perfect young man cut in..... and even if that day never came, I didn't care. I was too in love with Jesus to care now. But I knew for sure that I wouldn't spend one more day just waiting, rather, I would use them to fall more in love with my Heavenly Father; So that one day, if a young man wishes to know me -- he will have to seek Jesus, in order to find Me.
"A woman's heart should be so lost in God
that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her."
-- Author Unknown


Part Two {coming soon}~

In part two of 'Falling in Love' I want to share with you Ladies how important it is to realize that we are not just waiting. So many times we use the term "waiting for our Prince", as if we literally are just sitting, and waiting for him to show up. I believe it is so important to use these years of 'Waiting' instead as years of falling in love -- with Jesus -- Our Heavenly Prince.

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Bekah said...

I absolutely loved this! It's my heart's desire... to be madly in love with my Lord!

Raechel said...

This is a beautiful post, Johanna. I'm looking forward to the next!! I agree very much with what you wrote :)

Love in Him,