Monthly Q + A ~ Two

{Each month ,I will post a question and allow readers to give their answers in a comment.
Thanks for participating!!}

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits,
 even the God of our salvation. Selah. Psalm 68:19
This verse is beautiful and so true! In this verse,"loadeth" means to overload,give more than is necessary.God definately gives us more than we need or deserve! His mercies are new every morning. Every morning! Lamentations 3:22,23 We are so blessed;God could have chosen to wipe us out with an earth-quake, instead of Japan, but He didn't.We do not understand His ways,but they are higher than ours! Isaiah 55:9  Please remember to pray for the many lost(at this piont both spiritually and geographically) millions in Japan! Also remember to count your blessings!So,for this months Q + A,
    How has the LORD "loaded" you with benefits recently?
 You may leave a link to your blog in the comment if you would like! This is open for any Christian female readers,so feel free to share!

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Ruth said...

God has been so gracious to me lately!
I am grateful for:
:: health::
::His *amazing* Word!::
:: the promise of spring!::
::encouraging friends!::
::good reads::
::a roof over my head::
::yummy food::
::His grace::
...and so much more!

Bekah said...

Let's see...blessings...

~ A good job
~ the book, "Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul"
~ sunshine
~ the song "How Firm A Foundation"
~ friends!!!
~ my new MP3 player ;)
~ leather
~ grace/hope/faith/joy

Meggie said...

Thank you for this great idea of posting a question!

Some things I am esepcially thankful for at the moment is:
My Mums health, she has really bad allergies but has been pretty good at the moment.
Gods love and grace.
His steadfastness, loyalty and faithfulness.
The fact that He is giving me strength when I felt I couldnt go on.
That during the busyness of this term that He has still been leading me
That I have such great friends
That I am a Youth Leader and get to pour into others lives
For the sisters in Christ I have all around the world.


amy said...

This is a wonderful question, and something we should often be thinking on! The Lord's blessings are endless in our lives, but so often we fail to take the time to remember them and then thank Him for those blessings. Thanks for the reminder to do this.

In answer to this months question, one area specifically that the Lord has 'loaded me with benefits' is through the church and Christian fellowship. I'm so thankful
-to hear the word of God taught each week in our church
-to be around likeminded believers who are seeking to honor God in all aspects of their lives
-to be encouraged by other Christians and to be an encouragemenet to them
...the list could go on and on. Just in this one aspect of my life there are so many blessing from the Lord, and then this is just one area!

In Christ,