[Time Management] with Sarah Shedd

A List of Practical Ways to Manage Time Wisely:
     1.) Cry out to God. Plead His help and wisdom. Fully pour out your heart before Him. Tell Him that He is your first priority, and mean it. Lay your life before Him. Put Him in charge of it all. Acknowledge God as the giver of all time – acknowledge that it all belongs to Him. One thing is needful – to sit at His feet.
     2.) On a clean sheet of paper, jot down a quick list of everything you think you’ve got to do in the next, say for instance, two weeks. List all the involvements that take up your time. Be short and specific. The goal is to get it out of your head and onto paper.
     3.) Cross out everything that you really do not have to do. Cross out everything unnecessary, frivolous or wasteful. The question is, “What can I possibly leave out?”
     4.) Cross out everything you know you will not have time to do, and everything that is entirely impossible and unfeasible. Does anyone recognize a process of elimination J[Make sure in this step, however, that you are dependable and keep to the best of your ability the commitments you have made to others. - Ed.]
     5.) Place a star beside the most essential things. Numerically indicate the order of their importance. Assign those things to specific days, or half-days. Figure out where you think everything should basically line up. The goal is to at least have a reasonable, supposed-to-function plan!
     6.) Show the list to your parents. Make any necessary alterations. Thank them for their counsel J! Their ideas and input are indispensably valuable to you.
     7.) Pray over it again, thanking God, submitting, and dedicating it to Him.
     8.) Proceed in an orderly and systematic way to accomplish your specific goals for the glory of God alone.
Enjoy life! You should be able to see now that maybe you have more time than you at first thought! You might even find that there is space to do some of those impossible things after all. (If you sense that there are still too many things to fit in healthily, you’re just too busy. Please start over at step #1.) Free yourself from stress under God’s direction.
     ~ warnings and extra comments ~
     Be flexible. Be willing to adjust.
     God, His Word, and people are more important than “other things”.
     Leave room for the unexpected.
     Leave space to take deep breaths!
     Take every moment God gives you seriously, and treat it as an important treasure.
     Choose to enjoy all the life God gives you. Joy!
     Actively choose to do the right thing on purpose.
     I don’t believe God wants us to live a disorderly or passive life. I believe He wants us to intelligently, purposefully, and prayerfully decide how to spend our time.
     By the way, it’s not at all wrong to rest, relax, and enjoy recreation either. Please balance your work and rest.
     Remember the Scriptures say that “bodily exercise profiteth a little”. An important little, I would say. God did not intend us to be hothouse plants! If you can serve God more effectively and not be a burden to others by staying healthy and in shape, please do so!
     I know sometimes (such as in a crisis situation), we can do hardly anything to “fix” our shattered and crazy schedule. Sometimes nothing really seems to work. It’s like imposing method on madness, I know! In that case, hang on for the ride, and trust Jesus. He is our confidence, and He does not condemn His children. He will give you freely His inner peace, even when your whole world is upset. Just ask Him. ©
**This article is not owned by LOV;it was used by permission from www.bodefamily.net/kd **

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Meggie said...

Wow, thank you so much for that post. My schedule is so packed at the moment, and I am getting stressed, and now I have gotten sick it seems everything is going to fall in shambles, a very timely post, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Agreed with this! :D