From waiting to warring.

We, as young ladies, are usually expected to 'wait'. Wait for our future husband. Wait to be a housewife. Ect. ect. We can get very caught up in that life style. But God has been revealing to me, that the period of waiting is over. We need to prepare.
The Lord needs strong warriors for Him, and who better than us, young ladies, with hardly anything better to do?! We have this time, in our life, that is a long stretch of years, in between two stages; Child hood, and marriage hood. Most call it, the teenage years. I want to change that to, the defining years. What you do with these years of your life really do matter!
Most of you have noticed how bad the world is turning out, haven't you? It's because...well, where is God in the peoples lives?? They don't let Him in. They shut Him out.
As I was praying this morning, and getting almost frustrated, with what He wants me to do now that I have established that I am in a learning season, and He showed me, that what a great opportunity I have with this site alone! I know God wants me to be reaching as many people as I can for Him. And this site can be one of those tools. So, there may be more changes in the future.
We need to put aside our sewing and reach for our swords, so-to-speak. This is a battle. A real spiritual battle. And God needs us young ladies on His side, fighting with His strength.
We need to arm ourselves. Ephesians 6: 10 - 20 explains it perfectly. Go read it. We are in an age, where bluntness is needed to win others to Christ. No more stepping on tip-toes, worrying whose feet you'll hurt. God expect  each and every one of us to be strong warriors for Him, to realize the seriousness of this life, and the next life.
I think that the time of waiting has come to an end, and the time of warring has just begun. Who knows when the end of the world will be. It's not ours to decide or know, but we should be prepared, and not be blindsided.
Think of your life seriously. Consider where you want to end up. Consider whose side you want to fight on. There are two. No in between.

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Bekah said...

I really liked this!!!!

Ladies of Virtue said...

Good! I'm glad :)