Sister Sites~#4

For this month,another fairly new site...
                                      All Things Lovely is...
A place to dwell on all things lovely, pure, and true, as Philippians 4:8 instructs us to do.
 A place to cultivate deeper intimacy with Christ.
A place to discover the beauty, grace, and joy to be had each day.
A place to connect with like-minded set-apart girls.
A place to encourage and be encouraged by your set-apart sister in the Lord.
A place to share all that makes your life lovely.
A place to share how the Lord captivated your heart.
A place that challenges you to cherish each of life's sacred moments.
A place to discuss and reflect upon all that makes up the set-apart life.
A place to find resources that will encourage you on your journey.
Take a visit...

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