Movie Review --- "The Perfect Stranger"

"The Perfect Stranger"

The man told the lawyer he was Jesus Christ. The lawyer decided to call his bluff.
Nikki Cominsky is a successful attorney - troubled by the fact that her life isn't perfect. One day, a mysterious invitation shows up on her desk that reads, "You are invited to Dinner with Jesus of Nazareth." Thinking it's a prank, she shows up - only to find herself in the middle of a whirlwind evening of debate and revelation - with the most unforgettable man she would ever meet.

My Mum viewed this on a Christian channel, and told us we just had to watch it; it was so amazing. She rented it from the library so we could see it, and goodness. Last night I watched it with my parents. It is such a...great movie. So much is involved, that I'm not sure if I was able to take it all in. It challenged me.
The girl, Nikki, asks all the questions a christian, and non-christian alike would ask, and they are answered so extremely well.
I really recommend this movie, and ask that you would think about checking it out. It is well-worth your time.

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Meggie said...

I watched a portion of this in passing, and I asked my Nan how she liked it later on, she said that everyone should watch it.