A Letter from our Lord

My dear child,
 This is your Father, the King. Though I may seem far away from you at times, know that you are never alone, and I am always waiting patiently for you to come back to Me. Yes, it is you, not I, who has chosen the separation that often comes between us. I await you with open arms, greatly desiring to have you back in my embrace and care, once again. Day after day, I wait for you, watching you, to see if maybe you will chose Me today, instead of the other things that repeatedly ensnare you, and capture your attention, if only for a moment. I am not angry with you, My beloved. I am saddened, as any parent would be. I still will wait patiently for you. But please, My child, spare Me the grief and come back to Me. I love you more than you can comprehend. Come back.
I am always here.

           your Father.

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