There is a wedding in my family that is taking place the same day this will post. And with this beloved union, it causes me to think about our union with Christ.
He is our Groom. We are His bride. We've all heard that before, of course, but I wanted to go a little deeper on it. Especially now with the experience of wedding preparation.
When you plan a wedding, you take extra intricate care, with each little detail, making sure that the brides day will be splendid and perfect. Memorable. You start the preparations the minute that the couple are engaged, and have their wedding day picked out.
Now let's switch it around to our marriage to Christ. When we accepted Christ, we accepted Him as our Groom. And therefore, as with earthly weddings, we should be preparing for our heavenly wedding, when we will be united with Christ again. That will be our wedding day.
We should be preparing our lives, taking extra intricate care with each little detail, to make sure our lives line up with how our Groom wants us to live. And only then, will He accept us as His bride.
We think that our heavenly marriage to Christ, is just a cute, fanciful, romantic idea; not truly real. If we did think it was truly real, would be living our lives the same way? No! We'd be devoting all our time to Him, Who called us to Him. Getting to know Him more, so we can please Him more. Spending more time in His Word, because that is His story. If an earthly groom had a book all about him, the bride would be pouring over it, wouldn't she?
You must think the same way of our marriage to Christ, as you would an earthly marriage to a man. Christ is the ultimate Groom. We need to strive to be the ultimate bride for Him.
When He comes for us, will He find we did the preparations right, and made sure everything would be perfect for that Day? Or will He come and see us wasting our time on other unimportant things?
Will you be His ultimate bride?

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Natasha Marie said...

Excellent post and just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you=)

Bekah said...

Loved it, girl! ;) {And yes, I do know who wrote this! :D}

Ladies of Virtue said...

Thank you both!
And yeah, I figured some might know who wrote this one, Bekah ;) Hehe!